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Photography is not just an art, it is a way of life. It’s the way we see the world around us and how we feel it and make it ours. The only method to stop time and stealing fractions of seconds is making a photo. It’s our only chance to portion time into memories that matter and the way to feel that it belong to us.



Our country is a surprising land with lot of opportunities for photographers. Here are some highlights for you to discover.



  • New Zealand was a huge photographic challenge. After the photo tour I put together all the material gathered, thousands of images and time lapse sequences, dozens of films and audio recordings, in a complex slideshow. Until this will be available on the website, you can watch a short trailer of [...]

  • Wild Romania is the largest nature photography project achieved so far in the country and is an initiative of Dan Dinu in collaboration with WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature). For more than two years, the most spectacular national parks and natural areas were captured in images intended to show t [...]